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Biz Barcode seamlessly engages traditional media with the ultimate mobile experience...

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We are witnessing a population diverse in age, race and gender-all constantly interacting with the help of mobile devices. Whether talking, texting, browsing, downloading or taking pictures, we have evolved into technologically hungry creatures of habit. Along with the craving for new technology comes the anticipation for bigger, better, and faster technological advances — exactly where Biz Barcode finds it’s niche.

Biz Barcode Pro Services and mobile app connects consumers to businesses

Utilizing QR Codes in marketing campaigns offers comprehensive solutions to static media woes. Whatever the message, you can create it  and your consumers can read it with Biz Barcode. Interaction is a critical link between any business and its potential customers, as well as between consumers.  The simple inclusion of Biz Barcode into your media campaign links consumers directly to your brand, providing an exciting and interactive mobile experience. No longer will consumers need to type in lengthy URLs, carry coupons, or write down a scheduled event. A quick scan of your QR Code will direct them to mobile Web sites, videos, music, schedules, coupons and sales promotions, and mapped directions to your location.  General information such as your email and phone number can even be added to their contact list.

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