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Has mobile technology become the common bond among man-kind? Absolutely: just take a look around right now.  We are witnessing a population diverse in age, race, and gender – all constantly interacting with the help of  mobile devices.  Whether talking, texting, browsing, downloading, or taking pictures, we have evolved into technologically hungry creatures of habit.  Along with the craving for new technology comes the anticipation for bigger, better, and faster technological advances- exactly where Biz Barcode finds its niche. Distinct from other barcode scanning applications on the market, Biz Barcode is the first application to offer a QR Code generator, decoder, and scanner all in one free and convenient mobile application.  Recognizing the advances in 2D barcode technology, Biz Barcode is focused on providing simple and effective real-time solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

Advertising Agencies, Marketing Departments, and Small Businesses implement Biz Barcode:

Utilizing QR Codes in marketing campaigns offers comprehensive solutions to static media woes. Whatever the message, you can create it  and your consumers can read it with Biz Barcode. Interaction is a critical link between any business and its potential customers, as well as between consumers.  The simple inclusion of Biz Barcode into your media campaign links consumers directly to your brand, providing an exciting and interactive mobile experience. No longer will consumers need to type in lengthy URLs, carry coupons, or write down a scheduled event. A quick scan of your QR Code will direct them to mobile Web sites, videos, music, schedules, coupons and sales promotions, and mapped directions to your location.  General information such as your email and phone number can even be added to their contact list.

Many companies are now implementing QR Codes into marketing and advertising campaigns as a way to effectively interact with their target audience.

  • Google mailed QR Code window stickers to the top 100,000 local businesses which topped the charts in Favorite Places.
  • Starbucks is now accepting payment via QR Code images, located on a customers’ smartphone screen.
  • The Weather Channel launched a campaign using QR Code on live television broadcast to allow viewers to download their mobile app.
  • Ford Motors implemented QR Code in a recent print media campaign .
  • Pepsi rewarded is faithful with gifts and prizes via QR Code campaigns that included print media and some 400,000 cans of Pepsi.


Biz Barcode allows you to create QR codes containing information such as contact information, calendar events, email addresses, maps and directions, phone numbers, SMS messages, memos, and Url’s. Save your custom QR Code as a .png or .jpg file and share with friends, family, and colleagues through email, social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and several other options.

Receive an email or searching a URL containing a QR Code and not able to scan it? Simply save the QR Code image to your device and activate the Biz Barcode decoder to read the message.

See a QR Code? Use the scanning feature on Biz Barcode to gain instant access to the code contents.

Many companies are incorporating QR Codes into marketing and promotion campaigns as a way to interact with you, the consumer. By scanning a QR Code, you can expect to receive a message- often containing prizes, coupons or discounts, music, videos, ringtones, mobile apps, or even entry into a contest. Using the Biz Barcode scanner is a simple and direct approach to accessing mobile content.

Does your band have an upcoming gig? Send out a Biz Barcode generated QR Code to let your fans know when and where.

Have an important business meeting with a prospective client? Hand them a business card with your customized QR Code. Not only are you showcasing your communication skills, you are opening the window of opportunity for a great conversation.

Tired of the same old icon on your Facebook and Twitter accounts? Add a fresh new twist by posting QR Codes. The messages are intriguing to your friends and fans because there is only one way to find out exactly what the message is – and that is to scan it.

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